Corporate yoga with us

The office environment and demanding work schedules can be stressful and unhealthy, resulting in decreased productivity and an uninspired workforce.

Space & Light Yoga provides corporate programmes to help manage stress, promote team building and offer some relaxation and fun.

Practising yoga and having a day out, will inspire your staff, boost morale, enhance work performance, improve interpersonal relationships, increase health, which would ultimately translate to your corporate success.

Corporate Classes & Programmes

We believe in providing high quality instruction in a supportive environment so that people enjoy their yoga experience safely. Our classes are energising, stress-relieving, and most importantly, fun! There will be proper pose adjustments, attention to good biomechanical alignment and personalised care whenever needed.

Single 'team- bonding' yoga class
- unwind and re-charge

Multiple class programmes and packages customized to your needs
- enjoy discounts off our existing yoga packages for corporate groups of 10 or more.

InTwo™ yoga - Yoga with a Friend with Lynn & Sumei
- fosters team spirit, deepens connections and builds camaraderie

Office yoga - Stretch, De-stress and Refresh at your desk!
- revitalizes, relieves tension & stress

Specialised Corporate Programmes

Yoga for Back Pain (talk + practicum) - with Dr Lynn Yeo
- A specialized workshop designed to help you maintain a strong healthy spine and achieve freedom from back pain.

Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Pain (talk + practicum) - with Dr Lynn Yeo
- A specialized workshop designed to help you achieve and maintain freedom from neck & shoulder pain.

*suitable for everyone including complete beginners

Dr Lynn Yeo is a medical doctor specializing in ophthalmology. She is an avid student and teacher of alignment-based hatha yoga, specifically in the style of Anusara yoga. Her special interest in yoga therapeutics has been honed by many years of experience in medicine, anatomy studies and yoga. She is an engaging speaker and teaches with clarity, passion and humour.



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